• About Feng Huang Wushu

  • Founded in 2009, the Feng Huang Wushu Montreal Club has rapidly grown to become a leading Wushu club in Montreal. Currently, Feng Huang Montreal Wushu Institute is the collaborative effort between two former schools in order to provide the highest level and most complete learning experience possible. Led by experienced, accomplished and passionate martial artists, the Feng Huang Club distinguishes itself for its dynamic and explosive performances, it's competitive presence and its collaborative atmosphere. Always striving to surpass themselves and reach new levels of excellence, they do so while always further increasing their respect and understanding of the traditional roots of Chinese martial arts.

    Feng Huang Wushu is regularly known for their outstanding performances, such at the following prestigious events:

    • FINA Canada Diving Cup
    • Otakuthon Convention
    • Montreal International Martial Arts festival
    • McGill 60th Founding of China Anniversary
    • Martial Arts Alliance festival
    • McGill Chinese New Year
    • Montreal Vietnamese New Year
    • Amongst many other private events.

    Feng Huang members have also performed for renowned organizations such as MCCCC, Splendid China (Toronto), Six Flags, Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival, and many more.

  • Kin Yiu


    With over 10 years of martial arts experience, it was only natural that Kin would take interest in Wushu. True to his roots in Guangdong, China, he had dedicated himself to harnessing the essence of Chinese southern Wushu style.

    In 2007, Kin travels to China to train alongside 2008 Olympic Champion Wang Kewei, 2008 All-China Games and 2009 World Champion Wu Yiyi, under the careful guidance of All-China Champions Chen Yan Ping and Tian Yong at the Weilun Elite Sports School. He returns in 2009 to once again seek the guidance to improve his mastery of Chinese martial arts.

    Kin specializes in Nan Quan, Nan Dao, Nan Gun, Eagle Claw and Monkey Staff. He has also practiced a variety of styles such as Chang Quan, Jian Shu, Gun Shu.

    Thanks to his martial arts background, Kin was able to earn a Stage Combat certification from Fight Masters Canada, and has worked as a stunt man and fight choreographer.

    Kin has earned the top spot and the rank of "grand champion" at the 2011 Quebec Provincial team trials for Wushu.

  • Fung Yiu

    Team Lead

    Fung Yiu has been involved in martial arts from the age of 8. After a few years in Taekwondo, he switched his focus to Wushu at age 14 and has been hooked ever since.

    Fung specializes in Changquan, Straightsword and Spear. Outside of competition season, he enjoys practicing his choreography and fighting sets.

    Since becoming the Provincial Grand Champion in 2015, he is pushing his limits in Wushu, working towards a position on the Canadian national team.

  • Matthieu Caix

    Public Relations / Communication

    Coming soon


  • Michael Khor

    Assistant Coach

    Michael Khor has been practicing martial arts since he was 12. Michael started recreatively in kyokushin karate to become more active and fit. The more he practiced the more interested he became in martial arts. He started Wushu at the age of 16 at Centre communautaire des loisirs Côte-des-Neiges due to a friend’s recommendation and has grown to love the sport.


    Michael specializes in Changquan, Broadsword and Staff.

    Since the opening of Feng Huang Wushu, Michael has been performing for various events and competing in local and national competitions. He is a three time Provincial Grand Champion and a multiple time National Wushu competition Medalist.