• Competitive Wushu

  • Continuous self-improvement in a collaborative, encouraging atmosphere is Feng Huang's mission. Competitive excellence is the result. Home to 5 provincial champions, we are the provincial leaders, seeking to provide the province with a National and International presence in the sport.

    The Competitive Wushu program puts a focus on mastering one's martial arts basics as well as "Nandu" (Difficulty, usually acrobatic) movements. Competitive athletes are pushed to focus on their key competitive styles in order to best hone their skills. We understand the obstacles that competitive athletes face, and we understand their needs.

    Feng Huang's athletes compete in the following competition types:

    • Local friendly competitions
    • Quebec Provincial Wushu competition
    • Pan American Wushu competition
  • These videos above are but a small sampling of our competitive presence. For more videos, visit our YouTube channel.