• Kid’s Martial Arts

  • Does your child love playing ninja? Do you want to help him/her channel that energy? Wushu is the answer!

    The Children's Wushu program includes both competitive and recreative paths. Physically, children will develop their strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and power. However learning a challenging individual sport in a team environment will help children develop vital life skills, such as:

    • Self Confidence
    • Discipline
    • Goal Setting
    • Determination
    • Perseverance
    • Focus

    Conflict avoidance and Self Defense sessions are also offered multiple times a year.

  • Empty Hand

    The base of all martial arts! Your child will be able to recreate all their favourite action scenes and feel like an action star!

  • Weapons training

    Children will be able to start weapon training when they are ready. Weapons are dulled training and performance tools, and are taught in a controlled environment.

  • Self - Defense

    Self defense lessons for children, including the most important lesson, conflict avoidance!