• Chinese Martial Art Styles

  • Wushu is a Chinese martial arts that is growing in Canada and all over the world. Wushu consists of the execution of forms, barehand or with weapons, that combine traditional techniques and aerial acrobatic maneuvers. There are hundred of different kinds of wushu styles, such as tiger claw, drunken boxing, broadsword, and many many more. Nowadays, Wushu is widely used in action movies, such as Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon, Star Wars, the Mummy 3, etc.

  • Changquan (Long Fist)

    Changquan, or “long fist”, is the northern style of Chinese martial arts. It involves a lot of long range attacks, with a particular focus on kicks, jumps, and acrobatic type movements.

  • Nanquan (Southern Fist)

    Nanquan, or “southern fist”, is the southern style of Chinese martial arts. It involves strong footwork and powerful attacks. It emphasizes stable stances and draws power and speed in the hands trough sharp waist movement and stance transition.

  • Daoshu (Broadsword)

    Daoshu, or “broadsword”, is the most common blade used in ancient Chinese martial arts. With a single edge, the Dao is wielded close to the body for defence, while being fast and dynamic with slashing and chopping attacks.

  • Jianshu (Straightsword)

    Jianshu, or “straightsword”, was the favoured weapon of many officials and royalty in ancient China. It focuses on large, sweeping movements which include both offence and defence. Often called “the gentleman’s blade”, it is a double-edged weapon often used to disable one’s opponent.

  • Nandao (Southern Broadsword)

    Nandao, or “southern broadsword”, is the southern counterpart of the broadsword. It is similar to the broadsword in attack in defence, but involves larger, more aggressive sweeping and cleaving attacks.

  • Gunshu (Staff)

    Gunshu, or “staff”, was the most widely used weapon in ancient China. Made out of waxwood, it is both strong and flexible. It focuses on rapid, circular movements for both offence and defence. Because of its simplicity and versatility, it is known as the “grandfather of all weapons”.

  • Qiangshu (Spear)

    Qiangshu, or “spear”, was the favoured weapon among soldiers in ancient China. It takes advantage of its length and the flexibility of its shaft to parry attacks and confuse opponents. It uses both circular movements and rapid quick thrusts to attack. It is known as the “king of weapons”.

  • Nangun (Southern Staff)

    Nangun, or “southern staff”, is the staff style based of techniques used in southern China. It uses a thicker staff, and features more aggressive, direct attacks. As opposed to northern staff, it uses both ends of the staff. It focuses more on hitting and delivering bone breaking power.

  • More Styles…

    Though we specialize in competitive styles, we also teach other styles, such as drunken boxing, drunken straightsword, monkey style, monkey staff, eagle claw, chain whip, and rope dart, among others.